is on the limit of human sensibility


It is a metaphor about the 33 years I’ve been in profession and the attempt to improve myself.
The triple somersault: In the world of the circus is the most difficult to achieve, it is a test of acrobatic skill in which a person rotates around his midplaneand is on the limit of human capacity.
For this collection, the common denominator is Titanium, a metal with very high technological capabilities and therefore the antithesis of organic morphology. Therefore, the challenge was to create these jewels by hand like they use to work in the Valencia of 100 years ago but with a metal so indomitable and at the same time with so many virtues.

Si no estoy dormido

Ring: Titanium and Sapphires

Joven Sonrisa

Ring: Titanium and Pink Sapphires

Cayeron Mil Chicas

Earrings: Titanium and Diamonds.

Peach Seed

Earrings: Titanium, Diamonds and Peach Sapphires.

Sueños Prohibidos

Earrings: Titanium and amethysts

Objetos sin peso

Earrings: Titanium and Yellow Shapphires

Hilo de Lana

Brooch: Titanium and Tsavorites

Al Lado del Fuego

Brooch: Titanium and Diamonds