Oriental beauty and sensitivity


Inspired by my stay in China, the amazing tea plantations in Hangzhou, the dazzling yellow of the Ginkgos Biloba  I could see on my morning walks through the China Academy of Arts, the Fu Lions the Guardian of the temples.

That is where my passion for the overwhelming culture of the Asian continent began.

Dragon Well Leaf

Earring: 750 Gold, 925 Silver, Titanium, Diamonds, Beryl and Yellow Sapphires

Shishi Temple Door

Earrings: 750 Gold, 925 Silver, Rubi, Pink Sapphire and Diamonds

Hanabi Matsuri

Earrings: 750 Gold, Timascus, Citrine, Orange and Red Sapphires and Diamonds.

Dragon Whiskers

Earrings: 750 Gold, 925 Silver, Timascus, Diamonds, Padparadscha Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Pink Tourmalines and London Blue Topaz

Blue Tiger Clae

Earrings: 750 Gold, Titanium, Yellow, Green and Orange Sapphires, Tourmalines and Diamonds


Earrings: 750 Gold, 925 Silver, Titanium, Yellow Sapphires, Tsavorites and Garnets

Dragon in the Full Moon Night

Earring: 925 Silver, 750 Gold, Titanium, Moonstone and Blue Topaz